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1, print resolution, this indicator is a very direct basis for judging the printer output is good or bad, but also an important reference standard for measuring the output quality of the printer

2. Print speed, print speed indicator, indicates how many pages the printer can output per minute, usually measured in units of ppm and ipm.

3, printing costs, mainly considering the price of paper used for printing and ink cartridges or ink prices, as well as the printer's own purchase price. For example, for an ink jet printer, if black ink is used to output black content, a relatively expensive color ink cartridge can be saved, so that the purpose of saving printing cost can be achieved; while some inkjet products do not provide black ink, then When using these printers to output black text, it will be synthesized by other colors to achieve the purpose of printing black letters, showing that if you choose this product, the future printing costs will be high.

4. Consider choosing a printer with A3 format, even with a larger format

5. Paper tray capacity, the paper tray capacity indicator indicates the printer output tray capacity and the input tray capacity, in other words, the printer supports exactly how many input and output trays, each tray can accommodate how much printing paper

6. Drivers

7. Maximum output speed

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