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  • https://www.slonparts.com/ricoh-mp-c3002-c3502-c4502-c5502-c6002-c889-3002-metal-fuser-film-sleeve.html
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    Posted By SLon Sales
    New RICOH MP C3002 C3502 C4502 C5502 C6002 C889-3002 Metal Fuser FilmRead More
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    Posted By He slonparts

    HP LaserJet Printer Common Error Code And Solution

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  • 21.05.2019 0 Posted By He slonparts

    excellent performance starts from here !

    1, print resolution, this indicator is a very direct basis for judging the printer output is good or bad, but also an important reference standard for measuring the output quality of the printer

    2. Print speed, print speed indicator, indicates how many pages the printer can output per minute, usually measured in units of ppm and ipm.

    3, printing costs, mainly considering the price of paper used for printing and ink cartridges or ink prices, as well as the printer's own purchase price. For example, for an ink jet printer, if black ink is used to output black content, a relatively expensive color ink cartridge can be saved, so that the purpose of saving printing cost can be achieved; while some inkjet products do not provide black ink, then When using these printers to output black text, it will be synthesized by other colors to achieve the purpose of printing black letters, showing that if you choose this product, the future printing costs will be high.

    4. Consider choosing a printer with A3 format, even with a larger format

    5. Paper tray capacity, the paper tray capacity indicator indicates the printer output tray capacity and the input tray capacity, in other words, the printer supports exactly how many input and output trays, each tray can accommodate how much printing paper

    6. Drivers

    7. Maximum output speed

    The best spare parts start from SlonParts !

  • 21.05.2019 0 Posted By He slonparts

    As an image input device, scanners have been widely used in thousands of households. It is also worth noting how to properly maintain them during use. Today, the editors will tell you about the scanner's daily maintenance and care.

    1, do not arbitrarily hot plug data transmission lines. General household scanners are EPP interfaces. After the scanner is poweredon, if you hot-swap the data cable of the interface, it will damage the scanner or the computer interface. It will be troublesome to replace it. Although you tried it, there is no problem. Please do not do this.

    2, do not often plug the power cord and scanner connector. So often plugging and unplugging the power cord and the scanner's connector will cause poor contact at the connection, resulting in circuit failure, and maintenance is also very troublesome. The correct power off should be to unplug the in-line power converter on the power outlet.

    3, do not cut off the power halfway. Because the mirror is moving at a slow speed during the work, when scanning an image, it needs a part of time to return from the bottom, so we don't cut off the power halfway through the normal power supply, and wait until the scanner's mirror is completely homed. , and then cut off the power. Some scanners now add a lock to the mirror section in order to prevent vibrations during transportation. It is important to see how important the mirror set is to protect the mirror set.

    4, to place an item to be accurate positioning. Some models of scanners are capable of scanning small stereoscopic objects. When using such scanners, it should be noted that: When placing items, they should be accurately positioned at one time. Do not move them to avoid scratching the glass. Do not move objects during the scanning process.

    5. Do not place items on the scanner. Because the office or home space is limited, and the scanner takes up more space, some users often place some items on the scanner. After a long time, the scanner's plastic shutter will be deformed due to hollow pressure, which will affect the use of the scanner. 

    6, cut off the power when not in use for a long time. Some scanners do not completely cut off the design of the power switch when not in use. When the light is not used for a long time, the scanner's lamp is still on. Since the scanner lamp is also a consumable item, it is recommended that users cut off the power when they are not used for a long time. 

    If you need to purchase a scanner pick roller or part, select SLonParts

  • 21.05.2019 1 Posted By Joe Blogs
    Welcome to SLonParts Blog by SLon Co. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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