In jewelry industry, there are the monopoly of the stores inventory problem, the counter as a jewelry industry, because of the daily sales of products is higher worth of jewelry, for goods inventory of work every day is very important, through to the goods inventory work, can timely understand the sales of various products and help to complete the company to accept all kinds of product market force of digital analysis, at the same time can also to check the number of jewelry, reduce product loss, error management. But the current basic jewelry inventory work is by artificial manual operation is completed, small volume and jewelry products, the actual situation of large quantities, large number of product inventory by a small amount of business personnel, creates an inventory of the actual situation of work time consuming huge statistics show, an ordinary jewelry store to store for an inventory of products, took an average of about five hours. Due to the problem of inventory efficiency, it is impossible for each jewelry store to carry out daily or weekly inventory of products. In view of the above problems, shenzhen netlink communication technology co., ltd. launched a set of RFID technology based on the bead plate inventory management and other technical solutions. In today's rapid development and application of RFID technology, RFID electronic and information management of jewelry is an important means to strengthen inventory management, sales management and improve management efficiency. The electronization and informationization of jewelry management will greatly improve the working efficiency of jewelry enterprises (inventory, inventory, warehousing), reduce the theft rate, improve the turnover rate of funds, improve the corporate image, and more effectively provide advertising, VIP customer management and other value-added services. PNG a, suitable for jewelry RFID management technology The frequency coverage of RFID identification technology is very wide. The application frequency ranges from low frequency, high frequency, UHF band of 915MHz and 2.45ghz and 5.8ghz microwave are all applied. The identification distance ranges from a few centimeters to a few meters, and the price varies. According to the previous project application experience of shenzhen netlink communication technology co., LTD., HF or UHF solutions are recommended for the specific application of jewelry industry and inventory management. The label adopts 13.56mhz HF band label with 2KB capacity in accordance with ISO15693 standard, which is not recycled or recyclable. Or the label adopts UHF band tag of 860-960mhz MHz with 96Bits capacity in accordance with EPCclass1 Gen2 standard, which is not recyclable or recyclable. Picture 1. The PNG Bar code, HF HF, UHF UHF RFID application comparison table Comparative study Bar code High frequency RFID Uhf RFID Interest amount small big big Ease of collection Must aim at No alignment required Easy to collect Data acquisition speed slow fast The fastest Data batch acquisition ability Not bulk collection Capable of bulk collection Strong multi-tag reading capability The price cheap your cheaper Inventory speed slow fast The fastest Whether there is anti-theft function There is no with with concealment Cannot be hidden hidden strong Fouling resistance no strong strong Installation workload small small small The label shape Print the barcode Can be designed for the opposite sex Can be designed for the opposite sex Whether it is conducive to automatic counting Is not convenient Very convenient Very convenient Prospects for development It was eventually replaced by RFID Widely used Widely used Iii. RFID equipment selection: The integration of hardware system of RFID jewelry management system (the key is the selection of reader). According to the actual application requirements of jewelry stores, the customer puts forward the following requirements for the reader: (1) fixed reader: high power, good conflict prevention performance, low power consumption, fast and stable reading speed. (2) handheld: fast and stable reading and writing speed, used for jewelry quotation. (3) table reader: used for electronic label data entry and collection. (4) the safety of jewelry should be guaranteed. (5) inventory management should be timely and effective. (6) all readers shall be reasonably priced. 1. The current problems of reading and writing machines in the market are mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) the fixed reader tested has poor conflict prevention performance. For example, each reader under test is required to be able to parse 150 electronic tags stably, but all of them cannot achieve the ideal effect. Even if the performance requirement is reduced to 100 or even 75, each reader still cannot achieve stable parsing. (2) the reading effect of handheld computers tested is not stable, and some have no operating system, which is very inconvenient for secondary development or use. Mobile readers are slow in reading and writing data. In RFID jewelry management system applications, electronic tags within the data information is more, therefore, to read and write device read electronic tag data speed and stability of the demand is higher, both handsets or CF interface of mobile reading and writing with PDA scheme is feasible on principle, but the tested various hand-held device or CF interface, speaking, reading and writing, speaking, reading and writing data speed can reach project expectations, at the same time, when used on PDA, acceptance test of the CF interface, speaking, reading and writing often lead to PDA operating system crash. (3) the table reader tested is slow in reading and writing data, sensitive to the discreteness of CARDS, and sometimes even unable to read. (4) in store counter management, jewelry taken out for display cannot be effectively monitored and protected. (5) the efficiency of inventory checking management is not high, and the accurate information of inventory cannot be obtained in real time. (6) each reader tested has high price and high power consumption. According to the requirements of jewelry management, our company proposes solutions based on the following readers, handheld devices and various corresponding antennas, which have the following characteristics: Iv. Practical operation In order to further improve the safety measures, a famous foreign jewelry manufacturer adopted RFID equipment in its stores and warehouses, and combined with the company's original ERP system, achieving good management results. (1) individual jewelry management: each jewelry is equipped with RFID tags, and key information such as the material and weight of the jewelry is recorded in the labels in advance. (2) employee management: an employee card is issued to each employee, which is used to record the behavior of employees in the main server and ensure that employees do not trigger alarm when touching jewelry. (3) in jewelry display: according to the actual situation on site, RFID antennas are arranged in the original display cabinets, display trays, display racks and other display areas of the store. For example, if an employee needs to place the jewelry in the display tray for customers to watch, the jewelry can be taken out of the RFID intelligent display cabinet and put into the RFID intelligent display tray for one-minute display. An antenna mounted in the center of the smart display tray will monitor the item before it is returned to the smart display cabinet. Once the jewelry is out of the safe zone, an alarm is triggered, alerting central managers, cabinet staff and security guards to immediately focus on the problem area. (4) operation of sales, transfer, delivery or security replenishment: if the operation is not handled in accordance with the normal procedures set in advance, and the jewelry label or employee's work card is not registered in the corresponding RFID intelligent management link, then any abnormal jewelry processing behavior will trigger an alarm. (5) the business end of a day, inventory, warehouse inventory in RFID jewelry management application program will be enabled: employees first place MeiYiPan jewelry, all equipped with intelligent inventory table of RFID equipment, automatic identification by RFID equipment to confirm the number of each plate of jewelry and circumstances, to complete the registration record of every plate of jewelry is a clerk in the safe. The system ensures that the goods are put back into the safe through the special RFID smart antenna installed in front of the safe door, and confirms that the jewelry transfer has been completed before the safe door is closed and the system is cut off. At the same time, the specific operation of the staff should also brush their own exclusive staff card, to ensure that the responsibility to the people. (6) humanized care for VIP customers to improve customer satisfaction. (7) the asset tracking application can also monitor the transfer of goods between stores, delivery, customer returns and other services through RFID read-write devices. All the antennas of the above links, such as the antenna of intelligent display cabinet, intelligent display frame antenna, intelligent inventory table antenna, and smart door antenna of safe, shall be completed by RFID automatic tuning unit. Because these areas of antenna application have been displayed in jewelry stores before the introduction of RFID, if ordinary RFID antennas are used, they cannot be matched with various display areas of different shapes; If customized according to each area, it will bring problems such as high cost, inconvenient installation, and need technicians to debug according to the site conditions. In this way, if ordinary RFID antenna is used, the application effect of RFID management system will be poor, the operation cost will be high, the construction will be difficult, the cost will be high, the cycle will be long, and the normal operation of jewelry store will bring a lot of inconvenience. To sum up, in the management of the jewelry store, we advocate the use of RFID automatic tuning unit to cooperate with the reader to complete the operation of the whole set of hardware equipment, so as to achieve a perfect cooperation with the software and truly realize the use of RFID system to improve the effectiveness of jewelry management. V. implementation effect: picture 2. PNG After adopting our company's series of RFID readers, handheld devices and automatic tuning, the user feedback of RFID jewelry management system is as follows: (1) high reading accuracy of jewelry labels, avoiding the losses of jewelry manufacturers caused by repeated reading, misreading or failure to read; (2) improve the quotation efficiency of jewelry: by adopting RFID handheld device, the quotation can be made by the traditional special personnel and professional staff, which greatly saves the human resources of jewelry enterprises and reduces the risk of misjudgment; (3) a number of desktop readers, which can meet the reading speed, and can choose different interfaces according to the actual situation, convenient and practical; (4) realize intelligent sales management to ensure the safety of jewelry sold in stores; Intelligent display cabinets can be used to automatically identify the amount of jewelry in the display cabinets in stores, reflect the sales situation at that time and that day in real time, and specify the specific operators and time for displaying and returning the jewelry, providing great convenience for standardized management planning; (5) the speed of jewelry label recognition is significantly improved, greatly accelerating the speed of jewelry inventory and reducing theft losses: for example, the inventory time of 6000 pieces of jewelry is reduced from 4 working days to 0.5 working days; (6) multi-interface readers are connected to multiple antennas for time-sharing work and time-sharing switching operation, which greatly reduces the hardware cost of the whole system; The RFID solution, combined with the asset tracking application, not only solves the jewelers' worries, but also facilitates their business expansion. For example, the RFID solution can be combined with the on-screen reporting function to show not only the real-time situation of the goods in the store, but also the introduction of the jewelry being displayed. RFID jewelry management system can capture and record customers' taste and preference of jewelry and other information; It can also save the consumption habits of VIP customers in the file, and provide them with more intimate service, which is conducive to maintaining customer loyalty. Store owners can quickly determine the most popular types of goods in each store, provide reliable reference help for business teams to order new goods from suppliers and choose which product series to introduce, and reduce inventory turnover time. RFID jewelry management solutions can also help the management of jewelry stores to track the sales of goods and the activities of employees in the store, and adjust the performance bonus according to the efforts of employees to promote products to new and old customers. Therefore, the operation result of RFID jewelry management system has been widely praised by jewelers at home and abroad.